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Balloon Car 710

John Woodman

Agreement has been reached between the FHLT and Sandtoft Trolleybus Museum for Balloon Car 710 to be placed on display within that national museum. The FHLT continue to dispose of their remaining trams during 2022 to allow site clearance by ABP to begin next year. Trams that are not assigned to new 'homes' will be scrapped. The East Anglia Museum took possession of tram track pointwork formerly used in Blundell Street Tram Depot which had been stored at Wyre Dock in anticipation of the Fleetwood Trust being able to proceed with their own museum plans. The East Anglia Museum is in the process of extending its running line and in need of new depot space to house both Blackpool 290 (formerly an FHLT car) and Glasgow Standard 488 presently undergoing extensive restoration work in Wales following its lengthy display (static) at the St Mande Museum in Paris. Plans at the Museum include potential further operating additions to their collection.

The pointwork formerly in Blundell Street Depot was loaded at Wyre Dock today and made the lengthy journey south, together with a trolley gantry stored in Rigby Road Depot which was part of Brush Car 290. The Trust are grateful to BTS for permission allowing this car safe custody after its lengthy outdoor display at the Pleasure Beach since 2011. Rigby Road's works team assisted with loading the tower gantry on to a flatbed unit commissioned by the East Anglia Museum.

An efficient and fast paced job with an expert mover clearing out point work sections from the FHLT's trove of material formerly used in Blundell Street Depot 9at its southern end).

And directly on to Rigby Road Tram Depot :

At Rigby Road Depot Haulier Lee (note registration of vehicle) watches as BTS Works staff carefully load 290's trolley gantry on to the flatbed truck so it can begin its journey back to Carlton Colville,

Photos by John Woodman

The FHLT are particularly pleased in enabling another tramway museum to utilise assets formerly destined for the Fleetwood scheme. Further information on the transfer of Balloon Car 710 to Sandtoft Museum will follow. The Trust is examining options for continuing preservation of Motor Unit 678 (not in good shape), Centenary Car 641 and Twin Set Unit 673/683. * The Trust welcomes serious enquiries from third parties with active interest which would allow removal of these cars during the 4th Quarter 2022. The Trust also has in storage the complete control panels from Copse Road Sub Station which covered the tramroad section from Thornton Gate to Fleetwood Ferry - and is seeking a sponsor to display this 1920s electric power distribution heritage asset. Enquiries for all of the above please send online for the attention of John Woodman through our contact page.


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