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A Long Look Back

John Woodman

The last street tram service in Blackpool closed in 1963 on the final night of the Illuminations that year. This was of course the relatively short line which ran along Dickson Road from the junction at Gynn Square as far as the stub terminus close to North Station. It is ironic that the first new street tramway since that now far off era is in fact bringing trams back to a terminus at North Station, albeit via the much shorter street running stretch of track from Talbot Square and North Pier. So far unused and without overhead wiring or a completed terminus ironically on the site of the old (and original) railway station almost forgotten under the subsequent concrete edifice erected after the station's demolition during the 1960s.

In those now far off days Blackpool was very much a mecca for tram enthusiasts from all over the country. Their frequent visitations brought out unusual workings of examples of the transport department's still extensive tram fleet - at the time under threat of imminent downsizing with the closure of the town's final street tram service. A reminder of those fascinating times :

Below : The surviving Marton Vambac Car 11 destined for a new home in the south of England is naturally the target for an enthusiasts tour and seen here traversing Dickson Road before the route's closure in 1963. Both Photos : Colin MacLeod

Standard 147 stops for a photocall on Dickson Road during its journey to North Station terminus.

Another Standard Car - this time 48 stands next to a 15A Bus on the approach tracks to Bispham Depot.

Standard 48 is about to get its trolley turned at Bispham Depot before continuing on the tour. Several tour participants stand at the depot doors whilst other are no doubt inside recording the trams still within the building. Both Photos : Colin MacLeod

Below : A murky winter's day as a white fronted Brush car hurries across the promenade from Dickson Road to regain the seafront line. The large roundabout constructed here after the tramway was replaced by buses - has still to become a feature at this location. Photo : Colin MacLeod


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