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710 Makes The Full Circle - 2

John Woodman

The combined efforts of the TramTown team, moving company RSS and the originating saviours of Balloon Car 710 aka 247 finally realised the return of this famous 'Alan Bradley' tram to its Blackpool depot on Hopton Road this week. Looking decidedly the worse for its years of outside storage in Wyre Dock 710 nonetheless made a brave sight as it traversed Lytham Road en route from Fleetwood to Rigby Road depot. A respectable gathering of tram supporters were on hand to witness the tram's unloading, led by Paul Galley, Chair of Blackpool Transport Services Ltd. and strong voice in the moves to create a tribute to the resort's lengthening history as pioneer of electric trams. Jane Cole Managing Director of BTS adds official endorsement to the emerging permanent exhibition which will utilise the tram depot on Hopton Road. Blackpool's trams finally have gained the highest level of support for recognition of their role as prime movers on the Fylde coastline. Both being aided and abetted by Blackpool Council with growing ranks of volunteers engaged in providing skills and labour to sustain this new permanent visitor attraction - Tram To

Balloon 710 makes its way along Lytham Road towards the end of its journey from Wyre Dock.,

Making the turn onto Hopton Road - note the length of the low load rig and the Escort Van holding back oncoming traffic from Manchester Square. Below : Balloon 710 makes an imposing sight as it finally gains sanctuary at Rigby Road with the ravages of a decade of outside storage and antics of mindless vandals in more recent weeks.

The RSS team carefully attend to unloading 710 from their extended rig at a familiar spot alongside the present tram engineering workshop.

Railway Support Services escort vehicle parked on Hopton Road,. The company's team took exceptional care in both loading at Wyre Dock and unloading at Rigby Road Depot. Well done RSS - thank you.

All photos : John Woodman

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