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BTS Bus Adjustments

In addition to the severely truncated bus schedules now being operated as a result of the corona virus impact - the handling of fares and transactions have also been curtailed. New protective screens have been inserted over the original design allowing fares and card use.

Instead passengers can merely display their card or pass to the driver without any physical handling from the cab.

Seat use is prohibited immediately behind and on the nearside area from the driver - to further avoid potential viral transmission.

Transport for London (TfL) require passengers on buses to only use the middle doors of vehicles whether entering or leaving. Blackpool's fleet is front door design.

Very low passenger numbers have meant significantly reduced vehicle frequency to one or two per hour on many routes

- with only ADL models in service and potentially full withdrawal of remaining Trident type double deck examples by the Company.

Rigby Road Bus Park in 2019 with an ADL Learner Drive example next to Trident 325. Image : John Woodman

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