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NRM YORK - Fleetwood Connections

The National Railway Museum is full of amazing material and rolling stock highlights of former times on Britain's railways. Fleetwood's past manages to have several items on display if you carefully search for them.

An early product of the L&Y which may well have been a visitor to Fleetwood - 1008

Change at Garstang for Pilling ! A tiled wall map of the northwest lines running out of Preston. The Knott End and Garstang line had not yet reached as far as the River Wyre in this impressive rendering of our locality. The Poulton connecting curve allowing trains to run to Fleetwood via Poulton and Thornton from Blackpool is evident - as is a misleading loop that connects the south Fylde line from Preston with its northern counterpart to Blackpool's Talbot Road Station. Shades of 2020 schemes mooted by local MPs and Northern Powerhouse strategists.

An interesting platform waiting room ! Note the base rollers allowing it to be moved easily to alternative locations. Below : Great ceramics of the L&Y coat of arms and a rendering of the important features of Fleetwood' seagoing traffic. All images : John Woodman

Mrs Woodman takes a seat in the Fish Van Waiting Area !

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