• John Woodman

All Electric Blackpool

For a town which was a pioneer in the late 19th Century of utilising electric power both in street lighting and its new tramway - Blackpool has come the full circle in continuing with electric trams along its promenade (where they began in 1885) and planning introduction of electric buses in the next decade.

As the increasing threats from global warming and climate change capture headlines and environmental policies around the world, Blackpool's exposed position as part of the Fylde's westward facing coastline has to be a matter of strategic concern to public authorities.

One eminent policy now being pursued by Council owned Blackpool Transport Services is the changeover from diesel and hybrid buses to all-electric. Examination of experience with other operators similarly preparing for all electric bus fleets and faster conversion of their existing diesel vehicles to clean electric power - is helping BTS management and staff with the issues requiring attention in a fundamental changeover of this magnitude. One which will likely last into another millenium.

An immediate step has been sight of a trial electric bus being demonstrated with the involvement of Alexander Dennis, under its new American ownership, in conjunction with Chinese electric bus technology. The bus is in Blackpool briefly as part of a nationwide tour of urban operators and I had chance to view it this week before its next hosted visit elsewhere in the UK. Below : All electric Blackpool in action with the new Pleasure Beach hotel and thrill ride as appropriate backdrop.

BYD logo signifies this Chinese electric bus builder participation in the ADL demonstrator

100 and appropriate destination info - images taken today. John Woodman

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