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Hail to the Chief

On the eve of the state visit to the UK by the President of the United States - a tip of the hat to the capital and Blackpool's representation near Washington DC.

Boat Car 606 was the 'swap' agreed by BTS with the now long closed Gerald Brookins Museum for its Blackpool Standard Car 147. Transferred over to Ohio in its later blue and yellow colour scheme adopted for the Glasgow Garden Festival and retained on return to the resort the tram is still smartly adorned with this distinctive colour scheme today. Robert Burgener, volunteer at the National Capital Trolley Museum (with its impressive depot building - left) sent this recent closeup of 606 stored in the Museum. A fire at the former site of the museum forced a change of location - for the better from its original location on Bonifant Road in adjoining Maryland. The Author had the pleasure of making several visits to the original Museum and riding on its collection of Washington DC cars as well as the several foreign imports which added an appropriate touch to this east coast museum.

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