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A further look at the eclectic fleet of trams displayed at the Museum :

Resplendent in British Railways malachite green colours applied to electric rolling stock in the 1950s - no fancy graphics studio stuff in those days. Grimsby & Immingham 14 - an example of mainline railway company tram operation way way back now. Burton & Ashby 14 springs to mind as another example fortunately preserved.

Standing in the corner facing the wall like an errant schoolboy. Blackpool Standard car 49 is kept out of public gaze having been condemned to be a static exhibit many years ago but seemingly in pristine condition. Something to do with the roof cladding one is told.

The Museum's exhibit from a Welsh tramway - Cardiff Water Car 131 restored to an eminently showroom condition. A Cardiff horse tram keeps the Principality's flag flying - in the Exhibition Hall.


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