More Poles Are Here

April 10, 2019

Ahead of the Easter Break and a peak period in the visitor calendar (weather pemitting)  the push is on to finish outstanding civil engineering work on the tramway extension from the Promenade up Talbot Road as far as the dire Wilko structure.   Paving and road surface is getting attention, although the advance of 'pole planting' along Talbot Road has meant further attention to embedding new traction poles is complicating otherwise finished pavements.   Below :   Drilling the large sub level base for a new pole to be inserted on the stretch between Abingdon Street and Dickson Road.   On the same side next to the Abingdon Street junction on Talbot Road one of the new tram poles has been installed and fitted with standard overhead light fitting.   Images :   John Woodman




 Edge of the Talbot Square inbound tram station platform looking up towards the Talbot Gateway scheme.  Steelwork for the new hotel is now advancing quickly.


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