Pity About The Passengers

March 25, 2019

An evocative scene at Bispham Tram Station on Sunday captured by Ian MacLeod.   The pristine 'red' boat car freshly launched in service stands out against looming rain clouds heading from the west.  A not altogether unknown experience on the Fylde coast.  

Heritage Tours operated two open cars despite  bitter cold winds which had been forecast over the weekend.  Whilst few hardy folk chanced their health during Sunday before clouds amassed to deter even the bravest 'tourists' - not so volunteer crews needing to brave these inclement conditions.  


In former times the Department's substantial fleet of 'boat cars' were kept stored safely within the dry confines of Marton tram depot on Whitegate Drive.  This was until warm weather and assured sunshine caused depot staff to clear the seats of dust with a polish of exterior panels before the trams were despatched to the promenade for seasonal extra workings during summer months.   Seeing open cars in service during cold weather condition such as those experienced in March would have been opposed by staff Union representatives in those times.   The 'Boats' slumbered on.


 Safe and  sound esconced in Rigby Road Depot - March 2019.  






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