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Box 40 On Tour in the Good Old Days

A long long time ago Box Car 40 was given a new lease of life so that it could play a role in the 75th Anniversary of Blackpool's Electric Street Tramway being commemorated by the Transport Department way back in 1960. Our preceding Blog refers.

This tram very quickly became the object of enthusiast interest and several tours were organised whilst Blackpool's existing tram services were still operating on street routes. One such tour (quite an extensive one) saw Box 40 traverse crossovers from Fleetwood to Squires Gate as part of its journey - all for a modest charge to tour participants.

A few sample images, admittedly not of the best quality, record the tour on which the Author was a willing (and youthful) participant. Hopefully they bring back memories for a few senior citizens :

Above : extremes on the Box 40 Tour in 1961. Top Rossall Siding with the loop in the background and the manual points lever for the crossover just in view in front of the car. The trolleypole had to be also manually changed to access the main line from the loop and vice versa. Highfield Road crossover on Lytham Road with the tram about to reverse northbound as the driver watches his tour group from the roadway. Below : the original Broadwater crossover being utilised with BCT warning notice to drivers (of trams) to reduce speed to 4 mph approaching the road junction.

Bloomfield Road crossover about to be used with the trolleypole already turned for the southbound journey. All Images : Copyright John Woodman

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