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Bank Closing, New Hotel, Filthy Shelters


l out of season is a pretty bleak experience even when the sun is shining. Work on excavating the area for the new Talbot Square tram stop inbound is immediately in front of the still imposing bank building housing up to today RBS. The Talbot Square branch of RBS is the last vestige of that company's business on the Fylde coast. With the bank vacating the building the chances are that it will be sold off to yet another bar/restaurant operator thus completing the transition of Talbot Square from its former civic space and cared for structures, both public and private. Below : outside RBS is ongoing excavation work for the new tram stop inbound.

A view of Talbot Square's last bank on its last day of business.

Whilst across from RBS is steelwork erection for a decent town centre hotel (at last) on the site of the former Yate's Wine Lodge.

Whilst Blackpool North nearest bus shelter shows east to spot hallmarks of Council neglect with begrimed roof glazing bereft of cleaning over months - while the advertising panels are naturally given regular attention generating revenue supposedly for the upkeep of shelters. Images : John Woodman January 31, 2019

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