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Promenade Action

Bright sunshine with colder temperatures found work crews busy connecting up the new tracks leading into (and out of) Talbot Square to the promenade tramway for the first time. Teams were engaged in traditional permanent way activity welding and smoothing the new railhead links on individual conjoined rail. A sense of the activity is evident from these images taken this afternoon by the Author :

Securing smooth rail connections between the new track and promenade line. This is the eastbound link nearest to the camera.

Above : a closeup detail of the physical track connection for the northbound line leading out of Talbot Square across the promenade with the inbound curve behind.

Above : track junction on the southbound line into Talbot Square.

Above : double track wye installation well on the way to completion with connections already in place to the promenade south bound points.

Who would have thought we would live to see Talbot Square again integrated with the seafront tramway ?

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