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Blackpool's Old Buses

A noticeable increase in the numbers of yellow and black BTS double deck buses on various services has our interest and attention. Both Services 1 7 and 9 are often featuring the now dated 'Trident' type vehicles some of which are from the first tranche delivered in 2003 and now clearly past their shelf life expiry date (or nearly so). Riding an example today to Cleveleys from Layton showed up the contrast with the ADL model that is now Blackpool's standard double decker in its 'Palladium' fleet branding.

A noisy rear engine, hardened seating with now dated moquette? were among the once familiar features that Blackpool's regular riders had become accustomed to. Inevitably these once classic buses are destined to disappear from their Fylde coast routes in the not too distant future, potentially in 2019. It is hoped that two examples can be kept locally one in the earlier Metro Coastlines 'Line 14 or Line 11' branding which they first appeared under earlier Management of Steve Burd, and a second example in the bold yellow and silver 'swoop' adopted by Trevor Roberts from 2010. Two members of this class have made it into a version of the 'Palladium' colours working as Driver Training vehicles currently. Perhaps one might catch a preservationist's eye when it is finally withdrawn from its 'second life'.

So while they last - take a nostalgic ride on Blackpool's old buses in regular service for the moment. Recent Examples Below :

This veteran arrived in 2002 - well before Brexit was even mentioned !

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