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Talbot Square Gets Its Tracks Back

Almost sixty years have passed since the town's principal civic space saw trams traversing in front of the Town Hall. Work on reversing these decades is now advancing rapidly with groundwork ongoing in Talbot Square where trams once terminated to and from Layton.

More tram rail is being prepared for installation which brings the new tram extension into the Square from Talbot Road, whilst excavation of the area which will require the track connection onto the promenade roadway is unveiling yet more evidence of that first generation tram track.

Newly laid track from Talbot Road being prepared for pumped concrete over the metal mesh. Below : a new tram station platform will be built directly in front of the camera for the inbound 'Talbot Square/North Pier' stop.

Below : More groundwork to clear the area for installation of the concrete platform on which rail will be laid in the same format as that in the facing image.

And evidence of special trackwork on the loop line which connected the Talbot Road and Layton service terminus to the promenade tramway.

Images: John Woodman taken this morning.

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