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Colorado Springs : Both Narrow Gauge and Broad Gauge PCC Cars

A railroad museum has been a constant feature of Colorado Springs but rarely featured in UK media online or other. A visit by my daughter and son in law (with expensive camera equipment) to the State last month ensured at least some coverage of the location, along with the unique Fort Collins museum line with its sole operating 'Birney Car' - see earlier Blog.

Provenance of the equipment at Colorado Springs is unclear but certainly a number of the PCC cars were originally from Philadelphia (intended I believe for an operating line which did not transpire). A sole PCC from the narrow gauge Los Angeles system acquired several decades back is a rare survivor and seen here below. Sorry fleet number not known but distinctive in its National City Lines corporate yellow and green styling of later years. Note the narrow gauge third rail under the car.

This time wide gauge (Philadelphia) on display (and operating) exile from SEPTA in a strange if faded colour scheme. Note the basic loading platform and step - BTS would be horrified !

A further ex SEPTA PCC in less than display condition whist a further example can be seen in the far background as the operating museum example rounds the curve on the lefthand side of the image. Photos : Steve Meyer-Rassow

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