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Box 40 Meets the Incredible Hulk

A most unusual press call took place on Blackpool promenade early this morning with a special event organised by Merlin Group's design and technology teams. This involved one of Marvel's comic characters now being installed in the Tussaud's display in Blackpool - the Incredible Hulk.

The Incredible Hulk stops a runaway tram is the headline for a unique feature no doubt hitting the nation's media (and elsewhere). In this particular case Fleetwood Box Car 40 was provided from Rigby Road's substantial collection to take the place of the 'runaway' with a special installation of the 'Incredible Hulk' posed halting its progress on the loop track next to the Visitor Centre.

Regrettably the Author is a victim of chest cold impairing his availability and unable to make the press call at 0800 organised by Merlin's publicity team today. However there are likely to be plenty of images and visuals elsewhere on social media and in the newspapers. A rainy day on Blackpool promenade in 1998 in this blurry image has to suffice for the blog - there are better of course but this one popped up first !

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