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Tribute to Marton Trams - A FURTHER UPDATE*

Our online shop was automatically adding postage costs to paid orders for the 2018 edition : Tribute to Marton Trams. As advertised all paid individual orders received by 10th April will be post free.

Please note that a refund of the postage and packing charge will accompany mailed copy to subscribers registering their payment and being charged postage over the past two days.

The retail price of the title is £29.00 and our online shop has now had technical correction this afternoon which removes the p&p charge on further Marton title orders.

We appreciate all the orders now being received for this classic title in its 2018 enlarged edition. Below : This way to Preston ! Royal Oak junction required the constant services of a Points Boy to deal with the Marton trams needing to turn right onto Waterloo Road from Lytham Road - with resetting the overhead ''frog' and manual points here. The points lever can just be seen between the Points Bog legs whilst he is holding the 'Pull' to allow the overhead trolley wheel to follow the 'frog' now set for Waterloo Road. Normal position being straight ahead down Lytham Road towards Manchester Square. Photograph : John Woodman

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