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Order Your Copy Now

The new 2018 edition of 'A Tribute to Marton Trams 1901 - 1962' can be ordered online from today through the Tramtalk shop. Orders received by April 10th will be mailed out post free next month week of April 23rd - title price is £29.00.

hereafter orders will require post and packing charge.

First copies will be made available to advance subscribers who are attending the special tram tour on Standard 147 organised by Steve Palmer (Friends of Forty) on April 21st from Rigby Road to Fleetwood.

The new edition will contain a further twenty four pages featuring photographs taken by Colin MacLeod during his youthful years living on Whitegate Drive - and tales from that time. Below : Up on high. Colin favoured rooftop views of the Marton route giving a unique perspective on this once popular tram service from Talbot Square to Royal Oak (and South Pier in summer). Total Pages 144 plus covers A4 Landscape

Both Images : Colin MacLeod

A Balloon car passes the Abingdon Street crossover en route to Marton Depot whilst a Marton 'Vambac' heads into the town centre with a BCT bus stands at the classic 1920s bus shelter in St John's Church precinct. Note the smartly dressed pedestrians and period motor cars parked neatly on Church Street.

Go to the SHOP page and make your reservation for this hugely popular title when it was published originally in 2013. Especial attention being given to the binding this time round! A different printing company being engaged for the 2018 edition.

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