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Advance Notice - Tribute to Marton Trams * New 2018 Edition *

Catch the story of the tramway to Marton when Blackpool saw busy streets and a thriving town centre. Tribute to Marton Trams 1901 - 1962 will be published in April in a new edition with additional twenty four pages of images taken by Colin MacLeod who lived by the tram route on Whitegate Drive. Additional new images will also feature in the 144 pages recalling the history of this unique Blackpool tram service.

First Copies of this 2018 Edition will be available to participants in the special tram tour being organised by Steve Palmer - April 21st. Please contact Steve directly for details.

The new enlarged edition will be available at £29.00 plus £2.90 post and packing (UK and ROI only).

* Paid Orders received online by April 10th will be mailed postfree to subscribers.

Visit a time when trams ruled Blackpool's streets. Below : Royal Oak tram terminus and a passing Balloon car on Lytham Road heading to Squires Gate. Images : John Woodman

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