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Lessons to be Learned from Europe

One of the classic 1920s centre entrance trams for which Rotterdam (RET) was famous.

John Woodman Archive

The team working on proposals for redeveloping Wyre Dock will be giving attention to waterfront schemes in Belgium and The Netherlands this summer. Visits to the coastal tramway running along the Flanders coastline from the border with France and Holland include meetings at the Fisheries Heritage Museum at east Dunkirk, and inspection of the Antwerp Transport Museum with its comprehensive display of the city's tramway heritage are planned.

Ongoing radical development of older sections of Rotterdam's extensive port area with new commercial and leisure schemes will be the subject of discussion with investment groups. Arnhem hosts Holland's equivalent of Beamish Museum complete with a visitor heritage tramway encircling the extensive site. The 'OpenAirMuseum' includes an exact replication of the original Arnhem tram depot which was destroyed in wartime bombing during 1944. The group responsible for the working visitor tramway created a replica of Arnhem's most modern tram from the 1930s - a centre entrance four axle car none of which survived the war. This retro example contributes to the circular tram service around the museum site.

The visit will incorporate meetings with Smiemans bv and botanic groups specialising in sourcing plant species for display in corporate and leisure settings. The series of visits are intended to provide points of reference for the emergent 'Fleetwood Quays' development.

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