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A Walk on the Wild Side continued

Warbreck Ward boasts? one of the worst bus shelters on the Fylde coast. Found on Warbreck Hill Road inbound this abysmal structure passed its sell by date years ago and is quite evidently an orphan child of the Council's street furniture team. The plastic substitute glazing has obviously received a glancing blow from a low life whilst the general appearance and condition of the 'shelter' invites public contempt.

What would be best is to put it out of its misery and remove it entirely as expeditiously as possible.

Blackpool Council's contribution to Warbreck Court's street space.

Further north the nearest bus shelter to Red Bank Road and the busy Sainsbury's at that point is an equally depressing example of make do and mend bus shelter style. No seating whatsoever - not even a metal bar. No timetable and all the appeal of a rundown garden shed. The obligatory missing glazing panel is clearly evident.

All images : John Woodman January 1, 2018

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