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641 and Horizon

The Trust's Centenary Car 641 is now transformed into a dramatic new focal point on the Promenade to coincide with the Illuminations Switch On which took place on Friday night. Work continues on 641 with volunteers taking advantage of several days of sunshine this week - Below :

Through the efforts of a national network of health and social network under the banner 'Horizon' the tram is now in an all over purple livery which is the theme colour of this UK national campaign. Local volunteers stripped the car of its former BFC display and repainted it during the past two weeks. The fencing around the tram has been further strengthened and painted white as a sharp contrast to the now resplendent display.

Artwork created by participants in the programme supported by Blackpool Council Community Arts with Arts Council funding has been showcased on the sides of 641 making some visually striking designs and contrasts. Carole Houston, Communications Lead and key organiser of this special project, has been responsible for its launch after receiving the Trust's approvals for the tram to be used for a socially beneficial initiative in Blackpool. It is intended that changing artwork will be a feature on the tram over the next several months.

The FHLT is pleased to offer its resources in support of a worthwhile programme which will be highlighted on Saturday 9th September when several thousand volunteers and local organisations from across England gather in Blackpool for their national rally.

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