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Purple rules

As far as I am aware no UK tram system has used purple as its principal fleet colour up until the introduction of the Bombardier cars on the upgraded Blackpool tramway in 2011. There have been many early variants of dark red, deep lake, maroon and so on. Edinburgh went so far as to paint a prototype double deck car in the 1930s all over Post Office red (or its equivalent). Gloucester, much earlier in the practical years of World War One gave its tram fleet an all over grey paint job - which stayed until the demise of that typical small system with open top two axle cars.

However lately purple has come into vogue. London's Crossrail line - the 'Elizabeth Line' is now themed with purple signage and the new cars similarly given purple and silver colours, as well as interior seating moquette (or its equivalent these days). Back in Blackpool three trams caught the camera this weekend - all with purple paint (or vinyl) features. The most dramatic of course being the Trust's Centenary car on display which is resplendent in glistening purple, and soon to be offset with white panels.

Passing alongside (more or less) is the remodelled Balloon car still retaining its vinyl sponsorship for 'Hounds Hill' shopping centre, whilst the passage of the light rail service cars in dark purple ensure that heritage, FHLT and BTS are all on the same hymn sheet ! At least for a brief moment in time. Purple Rules.......

Shades of Purple 1 : Blackpool Council's corporate colours as applied to a tram

Hounds Hill Shopping Centre besports its shade of purple on a Balloon Heritage Tour

FHLT 641 gets further attention to tram and fencing ahead of its big day in September.

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