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Grafitti takes on the police station

The lubyanka concrete edifice sited on Bonny Street reminiscent of Stalinist Russia is soon to be demolished thankfully - a new police hq has been built elsewhere in Blackpool and presumably the courts will follow. In the meantime an industrious group of spray paint artists are in town busily adding colour to the monolithic structure (or at least a portion of the ground level wall).

Coinciding with an influx of punk, rockers and other colourful groups attending concerts and fringe events in the town centre - Blackpool definitely had a fresh feel to its central shopping area (far too many shops now - far little discretionary spending in this economy = empty storefront premises). Demolition or conversion to green space?

The Trust's tram on display will shortly be taken over by a social group intending a

dramatic new look - supported by Blackpool Council.

A seagull emerges courtesy of this intrepid 'artist' with the grim edifice housing Blackpool's police headquarters, cells and the rest looms over the site on Bonny Street.

Works in progress - over this weekend

Mr Punch brought up to date - August 2017

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