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A Great Car Show on the Prom

Blackpool central promenade was the scene of a great gathering of proud car/auto owners displaying their pride and joy for the benefit of visitors on a very busy July weekend. A potpourri of old, not so old and very new cars both domestic and foreign crowded the promenade front close to Central Pier drawing thousands of visitors to ogle and inspect an eclectic display. Aided by background music and all manner of food offer - the event was obviously a great success judging by the numbers of people drawn to the spectacle. A glance at one segment of the car display :

The Author was particularly attracted to the American vehicles which added that extra glamour to the classic British marques of all ages. In particular one immaculate station wagon drew his attention - bought by a local collector direct from California the one careful owner buy was the subject of considerable attention. Further US models were among the hundreds of cars on show with some examples for the record. Not to forget of course the classic British cars from the 1950s which always are the subject of nostalgic attention. A real beaut ! classic car meets classic author.

Having attended the equally successful Cleveleys Car Show in previous years, quite evidently there is demonstrably a considerable market for similar events on the Fylde coast and Blackpool has tapped into this with a positive response both from car owners and the general public. Weather always has an influence on the success (or not) of outdoor events, but this time everything worked out well.

Best In Class ? A British classic car from the early 1950s in show condition

The Car Show even got its own Heritage Temporary Tram Stop. Images John Woodman

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