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Independence Day - 4th July 1776

Celebrating the 4th of July and Independence from the British Crown is the national day in the United States. Having lived there for over twenty years and raised my family as US citizens - today's blog can't go without coverage from some trolley scenes I enjoyed 'over the pond'....

Philadelphia - PCC Days

Branford Museum - Heavy Duty Works Equipment plus TARS 629

Newark New Jersey - Works Car with crew in action passing at Bloomfield Avenue loop

San Francisco MUNI - PCC Days Rush Hour Loading

Washington DC - pre PCC Streamliner - getting attention in Maryland Museum

Rockhill Furnace Broad Top Railroad PA - Roundtable action

Our youngest son Alex Woodman - at the terminus of MetroNorth service at Brewster North and profile of a great American diesel loco which headed regular trains to Grand Central Station from our Westchester station in pre electrification years.

All Images : John Woodman

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