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Green and Cream Rules (plus yellow & black)

Blackpool's public transport scene provides a menage of fleet liveries past and present - to the mystification of residents and probably most visitors. The tramway provides an initial challenge with noisome single deck articulated vehicles clattering their way along the promenade in a downbeat dark purple, black and white styling. Blackpool Transport (the operator) corporate identity is totally missing apart from a nominal transfer affixed to one of the lower panels. Sharing the tracks are the remnants of former glory days of Blackpool Corporation Transport providing memories of past decades and resplendent in the green and cream fleet colours introduced in 1933.

Blackpool's buses also provide a contrast of styles with the latest 'Palladium' grey and silver deliveries now edging out the previous black and yellow branding introduced by Trevor Roberts in his brief tenure at Rigby Road. Surprisingly this rebranding was itself a transient feature being introduced in 2009 replacing the multi colour hues of Metro Coastlines brought in by Steve Burd in 2001. Prior to that green and cream ruled the bus fleet (for the most part) stretching back nearly sixty years through four Managers.

Glorious green and cream rules on a 1935 built tramcar - seen today in tour service. Below an earlier contrast in bus design and liveries with 2017 ADL Enviro400 model at Layton whilst a 1960s MCW bodied Leyland waits for passengers on a private hire outside Layton Library.

Green and cream Blackpool buses are now confined to preserved vehicles and special rallies (for the most part). To its credit Blackpool Transport Services have given one of the Trident fleet still operating a makeover in that much loved fleet livery and it can be seen on regular service 7 where it was 'snapped' this past week on Devonshire Road. A single deck example has similarly been given this retro livery by the Paint Shop. Hopefully both buses may be destined to join the ranks of Blackpool's preserved buses on withdrawal. The trams seem to get all the attention. Daventry Avenue stop gets the attention of 'retro' Trident 332 devoid of external advertising thankfully.

The contrasting branding and BTS logo on view outside Council Offices on Corporation Street. Discerning viewers might just detect an earlier generation of Blackpool buses on the building façade just above the top deck.

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