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North Station Interchange in Action

One of the noteworthy, if unplanned, initiatives currently to be seen in action at North Station is the immediate proximity of buses at the Station's forecourt. A variety of operators have been contracted to supply high frequency services shuttling between Preston Station and Blackpool North. Including of course intermediate stops at the railway stations on the line. This was highlighted in a recent blog.

However Blackpool Transport Services Ltd. were one of the service providers this weekend when the railway line is closed completely to permit track and electrification work to progress unimpeded. As a result the unusual sight of BTS double deck buses arriving and departing from North Station heralded in an unintentional way the future transport interchange planned for the North Station tram terminus. Of course this will not quite be as originally intended where trams would have run onto tracks adjoining the railway itself - much like the model adopted at Manchester Victoria Station.

Number 412 takes a rest parked up next to the Station building.

Two BTS buses dominate the scene at the station frontage with other coaches on Rail Replacement parked off camera on the right.

Number 412 shows off its BTS 'Love Your Bus' branding and dramatic profile at Blackpool North.

A modern backdrop for a modern bus. Sainsbury's store and car park together with Blackpool Council offices make an impact at Talbot Gateway. Just now a need to demolish the Wilko property and replace it with equally modernistic structures (plus a tram terminal). Then there is the small issue of demolishing much of the current Talbot Road properties running down to the Promenade - removing a wholly depressing visitor experience on arrival by rail. All Images 12 March 2017 - John Woodman.

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