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Blackpool's New Buses Filter Into Service and 'Love Your Bus'

The much heralded delivery of twenty five new double deck buses to the same design as the 2016 batch (401 - 410) has already resulted in several of the 2017 examples appearing in service on the 14 route to Fleetwood (for which they are intended). A

cluster of the newer Alexander Dennis buses can be seen at Rigby Road - some with the Blackpool Transport's 'Love Your Bus' branding affixed to the mid deck panels. With a numbering sequence continuing on from 411 - the newcomers are apparently displacing the second hand former Isle of Man vehicles which became part of the BTS fleet from 2010. Ironically one of the first Trident deliveries PJ 02 PYD is in the Paint Shop for removal of a wrap around contravision sponsor and repaint. It will be interesting to see if this involves the 'Palladium' branding similar to the two Driver Training examples.

A wet Rigby Road caught a trio of the new deliveries lined up already fitted with the BTS theme 'Love Your Bus' adorning the upper side panels (which will inevitably be later covered by advertising displays). In order from front 416, 417 and 413 already dealt with in the Paint Shop. Closeup (in the rain) of a 2016 trio on the left, the two Trident Driver Training vehicles in the Palladium brand neatly parked in the middle and the newest ADL arrivals on the left. Photos : John Woodman

Rain glorious rain on a desolate Rigby Road Bus Park - with new housing ominously providing the backdrop to Blackpool 's transport operational base since the 1920s.

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