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Wyre Dock Visits

Wyre Dock in sunshine - now there's a rare event these days. However the sun did come out for Dutch visitors arriving this week for consultation on the proposals for new developments at the dockside. The MD of Smiemans bv and Architect advising the plans for new visitor attractions paid a call at the Trust's storage site to view the collection. They were joined by Lucy Bardwell from Rossall School who is working with the Trust on a special tram display featuring Trailer Car T7 (687). The School 's Arts Courses are designing panels to go on the tram's exterior as part of the display arranged for July.

Further information on these proposals will be released over the next weeks following ongoing discussions with Associated British Ports and Professional Advisors.

Our visitors stand in glorious morning sunshine in front of Trailer T7 destined to be on display featuring the proposals for Wyre Dock now being prepared with the FHLT.

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