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Love Your Bus

Blackpool Transport's trending new tag is now all over the bus timetables as well as being applied on the rear of quite a number of their double deck buses in a green themed promotion.

The Company's search for new bus and tram drivers and conductors saw a team out in force in the St John's Church precinct today. With one of the ADL double deck buses by way of interviewing space a quite jolly cadre of Rigby Road staff signing up prospective candidates. The Author attempted to register his interest but was perhaps understandably rebuffed at the first hurdle given his age. Some of the BTS staff are happy to pose for the record on an exceptionally bright Saturday (above).

Given the number of people showing interest the Company would seem to have attracted a sizeable number of potential candidates. Around the corner on Market Street BTS Bus 332 paused in front of the company's smart information office and in brilliant sharp sunlight catching the unique green and cream fleet colours of former times.

Familiar colours outside the BTS Information Office in gleaming sunlight.

That familiar logo from the initial days of the company (1986) - now thirty years old.

All Images Copyright : John Woodman

A short walk on to the Promenade and another reminder of earlier times in the town's extended transport history allowed a nostalgic ride even further back to the year 1914 when Box Car 40 was delivered new to the Blackpool & Fleetwood Tramroad Company. The sunshine prompted a souvenir ride (sorry tour) to the Pleasure Beach ably driven by James Millington - a frequent face these days on Blackpool 'Prom'. And equally famous it must be said at the controls of Northern Trains. Given that this tram is more or less in the same condition (less seating) for 103 years - and remains remarkably robust - its continued operation is something to be both respected and applauded. Not dissimilar trams operate across the horizon on the Isle of Man's coastal tramway - but mostly for seasonal tourism.

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