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Another New Year Dawns at Rigby Road

The New Year saw a dormant scene at Rigby Road tram depot with contractor's vehicles and equipment in evidence as part of long needed repair work to the fabric of the 1930s structure - and adjacent Workshops. The truncated track leading into Blundell Street allows for transfer of a tram out of the northern part of the Works - and that's it. Expansion of the social housing scheme on what was the site of Blundell Street and taking over the roadway at this point will remove forever the historic linking track towards the Promenade along Princess Street.

Such track as remains is still a reminder of UK manufacture, albeit with patchy build up of welds at points over the years - which continues. The depot roof is receiving comprehensive recladding to render the interior rainproof, whilst suspect steel beams and frames are being replaced working from the western side to the eastern wall adjoining the bus garage building. Trams and equipment are accordingly being shuffled to free up workspace for the contractor.

Some random 'souvenirs' of New Years Day 2017 :

Above : Blundell Street soon to disappear under the Foxhall Village scheme.

The Workshop northern entry track with its divergent rails. Reminders of when trams would access the Workshops using the Traverser.

It is questionable whether this remaining trackage at the north end of the Workshop will remain once BTS vacate their Rigby Road operating site.

Below : Structural repairs to the Workshop begin at the north end of the building. The well used track alongside has been an invaluable asset for loading and unloading trams in the past six years.

The southern end of the Workshops complete with original Corporation bench seat (itself a relic) providing relief for staff on sunny days. The carcass of former Glasgow Corporation 1016 - a single deck saloon frame plus bits - resting outside unfamiliar with seaside air.

A static scene at Rigby Road Depot with materials and equipment relocated to clear works areas for the Contractor. Note the newly installed steel support. A lot of work still to do in the coming months.

A famous name in UK tram track manufacture.

Edgar Allen & Co. Sheffield.

Hopefully these remnants will be conserved whenever track renewal is needed on Hopton Road access.

Below : in the meantime running repairs by the Council's track maintenance team.

All Images : John Woodman on 1 January 2017

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