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Filthy shelters

Eleven Bus Services are listed on the stop - at the dirtiest bus shelter in Blackpool.

Blackpool Council expended not inconsiderable funds to install replacement bus shelters in the town centre and at several stops around the town. These smart

designs whilst admirable improvement on the earlier generation have become targets for the all too common vandal and yobs with smashed panes of glass having to be replaced at not inconsiderable expense (or left out completely).

The regular task of actually cleaning the shelters (old and new) has gone into abeyance. No doubt a victim of budget cuts which the Council are grappling with at all levels. Nonetheless for visitors arriving at Blackpool North and for anyone needing to wait for one of the many bus services at the shelter next to the Wilko structure on Talbot Road - it is an especially depressing experience. This actually is the busiest bus stop in the entire town with one of the dirtiest shelters around.

Dirt encrusted glazing adds to the general air of dereliction and disinterest by those sitting in the Council Offices just across the road whose windows are no doubt the attention of regular cleaning. Not so the thousands of passengers waiting in the dirty shelter surrounded by empty cans and weeds growing in the paving cracks. An absolute disgrace budget cuts or not. Perhaps it's because this particular shelter is not sited on the promenade where visitor footfall requires a constant patrol of Council workers collecting garbage and ensuring their visibility.

Grime encrusted glazing panels no litter bins, basic metal bench seating.

What a grim and dispiriting sight. One the one hand Blackpool Transport place int service the smartest (and cleanest) buses in the northwest; while on the other hand passengers have to wait in disgraceful surrounds in the town centre.

There will be someone in those smart Council offices carrying a responsibility for street cleaning and more importantly bus (and tram) shelter conditions. If the Council can't fulfill that responsibility in a professional and efficient way - then the next better alternative will be to transfer this infrastructure to Blackpool Transport who can be certain of doing a far better job for their customers. The revenue from the advertising on shelters could be assigned to BTS, and responsibility for the advertising contracts. In living memory it was the Transport Department which had the job of ensuring tram and bus shelters were positioned at principals stops and kept clean and free of grafitti and rubbish. They even painted the shelters in the standard Corporation green and cream. Whoever is responsible for the bus shelter at Wilko's needs to take a firsthand look at his (or her) handiwork and get a grip (ideally with a bucket of warm water and a long brush).

Smart bus, upmarket image, clean and attractive transport - pity about the shelters. Also pity about BHS closing - thank you Mr Green.

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