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Recycling UK taxpayers money

A notable feature of the Fylde coast is the total absence of the EU flag flying anywhere. In fact there is very little to denote the role of the EU and British Membership on display - with a few exceptions. The Starr Gate tram depot had some signage when new indicating its design was the result of a European tram depot design build scheme - whatever that means.

More recently the Tower Building has gained a demolition team at one end - removing the internal guts of the former Tower Lounge which in former times was considered a relatively OK place to have a drink but latterly deteriorated into a stop off point for the innumerable stag and hen groups partying their inebriated way around the town centre. The fast food franchise KFC cornered the north east corner of the once totally elegant Tower building and the Tower Lounge is now to be transformed into (hopefully) a quality dining establishment (operator so far kept secret). The financing for this rejuvenated part of the Tower Building is a beneficiary of European Union largesse - why not? The funding bit is heavily promoted in the surrounding hoardings both on the promenade and on Bank Hey Street. No doubt

local tax payers will be pleased to know that the European Union is subventing the capital costs of yet another Blackpool eatery. The town centre now boasts corner coffee places (those offshore tax haven brands), fast food and sit down restaurants for all budgets, neatly sited among the rash of charity shops, betting shops and pubs which constitute most of the commercial offer outside of Hounds Hill Shopping scheme. Perhaps the new Tower venue will fly the European flag outside when it opens. If so - it is likely to be the only evidence of EU emblems on the Fylde coast.

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