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Trailer 687 aka T7

Trailer car 687 formerly T7 has been acquired by the Trust in an agreement with its Owner. The unit remains with the Trust's other trams onsite at Wyre Dock. Its driving cab end has been dismantled and work is in progress to remove the controls and brake equipment. This will allow for the unit to be eventually returned to its purely trailer condition at some point in the future. The Trust intends to utilise the unit for parts storage in the interim with plans to cosmetically restore it externally. Number 687 was one of four Blackpool trams saved from scrapping after being put up for sale by Merseytravel following that operator's decision to abort plans for a proposed heritage tram scheme on the Wirral. A private buyer negotiated purchase of the four trams 'as is' and arranged for their transfer to Fleetwood in a joint arrangement with the FHLT.

Two Brush rail coaches were part of the sale and both these trams are stored at the Trust's site in agreements with their owners who are independently assessing work required for their restoration. The Trust is assisting where practicable.

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