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OMO Car graveyard

With the gradual withdrawal of the OMO cars thought was initially given to the possible utilisation of their equipment; frame and bogies for potential 'new' illuminated floats. Two skeletal remains were towed up to Thornton Gate Siding for open storage. This location's history as the 'graveyard' for withdrawn trams is well known - but following complaints by local householders whose homes looked out on to the actual siding it was decided that further scrapping of trams would be undertaken elsewhere - at Rigby Road.

With the assignment of Thornton Gate (Blackpool Council owned land) to the lead contractor for the tramway upgrade starting in 2010 - BAM Nuttall; a clear out of residual track stored there by the Council saw a final journey on to the siding by the Engineering Car complete with rail carrying trailer. Lengths of tram rail were removed but the weed covered remnants of two OMO car frames and bogies were left to the Contractor to deal with.

Below : closeup of the remnants of OMO car frames together with English Electric bogie frames piled on top at Thornton Gate. The foliage is taking over after many years of storage. Both Images : John Woodman

BAM Nuttall's crews made quick work of clearing the remains and creating a large 'berm' between the siding and the running tracks to the west. Much of the former siding was paved over - but new connecting point work was installed to replace the original link from the southbound running track on to the siding site. Just in case....

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