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Saving Blackpool's tram heritage

The Fleetwood Heritage Leisure Trust is the smallest tram preservation group in the UK. Notwithstanding our size the Trust has been instrumental in providing a remarkable number of Blackpool trams with sanctuary since the downsizing of the fleet by Blackpool Transport Services in 2010/11.

Up to 31 December 2015 the FHLT have been instrumental in the retention of :

Brush Car 290 (627)

Brush Car 284 (621) - subsequently acquired for the Beamish Museum

Brush Car 288 (625)

Brush Car 300 (637) - now acquired for private preservation

Motor Unit 278 (678)

Motor Unit 273 (673)

Trailer Unit T3 (683)

Trailer Unit T1 (681)

Trailer Unit T7 (687)

Balloon Car 263 (726)

Balloon Car 247 (710)

Jubilee Car 761

Centenary 641 -

Centenary 643 - now acquired for private preservation

Coronation 304 - temporary storage in Fleetwood on behalf of the LTT

In addition the Trust ensured the survival of the early sub station control panels from Copse Road Depot, Fleetwood which were the final examples of equipment

used along the entire tramway in the last century. The controls covered the overhead power sections of the tramroad from Thornton Gate to Fleetwood.

Trustees :

Frank Heald, Colin MacLeod, John Woodman

A few of the many moves handled by the Trust - by way of memory lane

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