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Back to the future - the 1950s

Next in line for the Municipal Transport series (Blackpool that is) - is a further title - from Rigby Road Publications - Municipal Transport Heyday which covers the town's transport system (and much more) during the 1950s.

Emerging out of the austerity years (sounds familiar) of the late 1940s

Blackpool found itself in the forefront of tramcar technology when it took delivery of twenty five brand new impressive 'Coronation' cars and twelve upgraded trams to operate the town's only all-street tram service. One hundred (yes that many) new buses elbowed out the pre-war fleet from 1951 onwards; again with centre entrance design and all locally built by the Burlingham company.

Change of management in 1954 and harder economic factors saw changes to the bus side with introduction of rear open plaform models, and a trimming of tramcar services, as well as the fleet and its various depots.

All of these evolving changes will be reflected in the 120 pages which follows a similar format to the two preceding books taking readers through the 1930s and 1940s. A taster of Blackpool's transport operation in a great decade :

Standard 143 sedately making its way down Clifton Street with its return journey destination already wound on by the Conductor. This is shortly before withdrawal for conversion to an Engineering Car. A splendid scene just a few yards away in Talbot Square with Burlingham 253 on its way to Bispham Clinic on the 22 Service. Well dressed pedestrians cluster around Jenkinson's Cafe in a scene hard to recognise nearly sixty years on. Images copyright : Rigby Road Publications 2016

Municipal Transport Heyday - Blackpool's Trams and Buses 1950 - 1959 will be available November 2016.

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