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A sampler for the new fleet ?

The very first Blackpool double deck bus to gain BTS's new livery was seen out and about this week - but carrying no passengers.

Trident former 304 new in 2002 and now renumbered into the 'Trainer Bus' fleet as 974 has been smartly turned out in the 'Palladium' brand scheme complete with silvered BTS logo above the driver's side windows. An invitation to join BTS as a bus driver adorns the distinctive yellow? band below the lower deck windows.

A designated phone number at Rigby Road for wannabe drivers is boldly posted between decks - although an email address 'wannabeadriver@bts' etc might catch the younger generations addicted to ipads, tablets and mobiles !

Whether this is a taster for what might emerge as the colour scheme for new double deck buses in any fleet renewal scheme - remains to be seen. The new

scheme is a matter of taste and the impact of a large expanse of grey bodywork on a double decker doesn't work as well as on the Citaros. Hopefully some

tweaking of this first trial (albeit for a driver training vehicle) will see more use of the secondary colour and highlights.

Thanks again to Tony Armitage and his camera for nailing this first day journey in its brand new colour scheme - on Market Street.

Images: Copyright Tony Armitage

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