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Corporation moquette anyone ?

Not quite what you expect on Catch22 Buses - but nonetheless a pleasant surprise.

A startling revisionist interior is on view inside one of Catch22's diminutive vehicles. Riding this week on the fast, frequent and furious 6 Service to Grange Park from Clifton Street was a memorable experience given the new seating covering which is a tip of the hat to Blackpool Corporation Transport and its final moquette style.

The bus seats were all neatly retrimmed in traditional BCT green flora design moquette for which large supplies must have been acquired for the many Blackpool Corporation buses now in preservation.

Of course not that anyone other than a heritage bus (or tram) geek would know the origin of this material which did look oddly out of place in the Catch22 vehicle whose origins were far from Rigby Road. Definitely not BCT. Image Tony Armitage :

Another attractive marketing feature being applied by the Catch22 business are new decals placed on the rear of some of their single deck buses - 'A Million miles for one of your smiles'. Very distinctive and userfriendly designs are a welcome change from the normal business advertising which adorns rear panelling on many buses. Some creative minds at Brinwell Road it seems!

The seats and this image : John Woodman

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