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Houston - we have a problem

Attempts to remove 290 from its display track this week ended in failure - fortunately the astronauts did not suffer any serious injuries on re-entry.

During the tram's initial attempt at re-entry it lost part of its heat shield but was otherwise undamaged. Image above shows the pre-entry phase.

The length of the tram's display on the promenade (three years) meant

that the brake blocks needed adjustment of the manual kind before a

second attempt on re-entry to Rigby Road is attempted. Mission Control

at Rigby Road is working on solutions to this problem so that the tram (sorry capsule) can finally regain traction after its long earth orbit on Promenade.

Fortunately the window for removal is long enough to reengage the

contractors and to send the Trust's replacement tram into orbit - but not

for a similar duration.

An interesting time was had by all overnight between the last tram passing from Fleetwood and the early bird special departing from the Starr Gate astrodome just after five as dawn was breaking over the western hemisphere.

Below : the two astronauts preparing the capsule for re-entry. * The Sterling

sign refers to costs of the orbit. Note capsule controls in the background and

vital replenishment supplies on the seat.

Watch this space (sic) for further news from Rigby Road Mission Control.

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