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More Fathers Day

Obviously not the happiest of scenes with my daughter seemingly exhausted and terribly bored in front of the Baltimore light rail car 5015 which took us to Cromwell (I think). My wife issues instructions to Andrew to get into the photo (off left!). We all went on to a Baseball game at the then new Baltimore stadium built on the site of former railroad yards. We all enjoyed that part of the trip! Many years later and now married - Jessica and her husband took a long drive to New England, stopping on the way (naturally) at the Kennebunkport trolley museum. Husband Steve kindly took an album of photos in their visit which included a ride on open car 303 of the Connecticut company - famous for being the last operator of these typical American 'breezers'. Quite a few examples found their way into US museum collections in the mid 1950s. The Business End of 303.

Below : Inside a Cleveland centre entrance

car - somewhat different from Blackpool's

1930s design.

and Boston 396 -

This car was in prominent scenes -

operating in Boston, in 'The Cardinal'

with John Huston and Charlton Heston.

Well worth watching for film buffs.

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