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I never saw a Twin-Car with Gynn Square on its destination blind (in service) but here we have an original version clearly indicating possible turn-back requirement for this once busy junction on the tramway. Nor did Rossall feature on a service run except perhaps in wartime (and not with Twin-Cars).

What was familiar was 'Ash Street Fleetwood' which appeared on rail coach blinds as a frequent short working up to the crossover and shelter in the middle of a busy road junction. I doubt however that Twin-Cars would be operating to this stop to turn back to Blackpool.

More familiar still was the initial 'Coastal Tour' which provided an excuse for the prototype set and subsequent summer seasons. It proved to be just a little tedious for visitors trundling back and forth along Blackpool's promenade to reach both ends of the line.

The original 'Circular Tour' which traversed Squires Gate Lane after leaving the promenade before Starr Gate - and leisurely riding north to Royal Oak on Lytham Road before turning inland to the Oxford and along a leafy Whitegate Drive - now that was a proper (and a popular tour) until the demise of the Lytham Road service in 1961.

Blind Heaven for someone out there!

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