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Nowadays entry on to Blackpool's trams is gained on standardised platforms at every stopping point along the line. The variable shelters and signage which once denoted very specific and individual stops have been removed to accommodate light rail processes. A few random reminders of former times :

Expectant queue at the Tower southbound with Inspector in full uniform dealing with at least one visitor and a three bell load departing on 632. Bispham Station southbound shelter with two Inspectors on hand - and few passengers. Loading on a Coronation at North Pier southbound shelter with high platform confronting elderly passengers. A similar exercise not too long ago on the Promenade with 648 promoting the now demolished Orion Bingo. 648 at a Blackpool Corporation Transport classic shelter canopy - at least providing some decent cover - even if the 'seating' is of a less welcoming nature. What is it these days when so much attention is given to accessibility for the infirm and aged - that shelter seating is minimal in quantity and definitely lacking in quality? Nul Points on this score.

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