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Resignation of Blackpool FC's Manager - Lee Clark captures the front page headline in the Blackpool Gazette on 11 May.

The tribulations of BFC have been a continuous best seller for the local press over several months. One story which didn't get into the media was the pre-match interview for the Huddersfield Match - which Lee held on Centenary Car 641. As it turns out this special photo op arranged with the FHLT was put on hold as a result of protests on the pitch two days later which brought the final game to a close.

The Trust is continuing with its aims of putting BFC's greats front and centre in a special display utilising 641 and its own unique links to the Team. So far several panels have been filled with Supporter names and messages - but there are a lot more needed to fill in sections on the tram's side. Collages of portraits of individual Players will also make up the eye-catching design; in addition to the windows which will be filled with team photos.

Naturally our efforts to commemorate and celebrate the history of Blackpool Football Club are against an overhanging backdrop of events both on and off the pitch which are causing angst among Supporters of all ages. We do need to emphasise that the Football Tram display is entirely an initiative of our Charitable Trust (FHLT) which has as its objectives, the preservation and display on the Fylde coast of traditional trams operating the Fleetwood service over eighty years.

Blackpool's Football Club has been around for much longer than that. BFC will overcome its current problems as a continuing important feature of the town's social, sporting and leisure pursuits for years to come : at least that is what this celebratory display is all about. You can put your name on it - visit our Football Tram page to get on board for the launch day.

Farewell Lee - thanks for this memorable moment on 641.

This one is for the record book - (Wyre Dock, Fleetwood April 30th 2015)

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