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Colin MacLeod sets to work with his patent cleaning and polishing compound this week - to see how 641's panels looked after a good hard rub.

Obviously this special material had a beneficial effect if you compare the area under the fleet number with the rest of the panel to the righthand side.

Colin has a lot more work to do but at least its a start. The final format will retain the original fleet numbers and also the unique signage along the sides of the tram's roof which was applied when Blackpool's Football Club were really on a roll to the Premier League for that one fantastic season.

The condition of the paintwork is all the more remarkable for the tram having been stored outdoors since its removal from Rigby Road Depot in 2011. A great tribute to the quality of the paint used by Blackpool Transport's Paintshop and its now much reduced team.

The side panels will carry new vinyls covered by Supporters'names and messages - plus images of former players; whilst the tram's windows will feature team photos over many years. The tram was host this week to a special media event for the BBC and Gazette arranged by the Trust and Blackpool Football Club staff.

PS : that other Trustee has nearly finished scraping rust, dirt and old paint off the four bogies

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