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Following on discussions between Blackpool Transport and FHLT it is now agreed that a joined up scheme involving commissioned work at Rigby Road be put in place to return the unique Jubilee car 761 to an operating state.


The objective includes returning the tram to a close rendition of its 1979 appearance - befitting the importance of both Blackpool’s engineering workshop team then and now - and the tram’s innovative design.

The FHLT with Blackpool Transport Services will consider a timeframe for 761 to fit in with workshop commitments during 2016/17.   A shared initiative to fund delivery of this objective will be jointly investigated.  


The tram is to remain in the Ownership of the FHLT whose role in saving 761 has allowed its return to Blackpool Transport’s Rigby Road Depot.   It also allows for the widest possible outreach to private and corporate sponsors.

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