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John Woodman grew up in Blackpool during the 1950s and has always taken an active interest in the town’s changing transport scene even when working in the USA where he was involved the transfer of several European trams from the UK and Europe for heritage tram projects in the US.


Relocating back to Blackpool in the 1990's he immersed himself again in his passion and has published several books on the subject.




Frank Heald was born and educated in Fleetwood, he managed a family owned retailing business which was subsequently acquired by a national chain. Presently he is Chairman of VoiteQ Ltd., a voice recognition technology group based in Blackpool.  His interests extend to sustainable energy development, with emergent proposals for a tidal energy scheme on the Fylde coast.


He has a keen and active interest in the regeneration of Fleetwood and its economic well-being.

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