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Waiting For Godot - on Blundell Street

John Woodman

Two lonely men seen posed on the remains of what was once a vibrant tramway link connecting Blundell Street Depot with Rigby Road and Princess Street. The tram depot is long gone while both sides of the street are in a semi derelict condition following the abrupt termination of construction work by a developer and house builder. So much more could have/should have replaced the former boarding house properties (and tram depot) to create a sizeable and serious transport heritage visitor attraction in a landmark venue. But sadly, as is the case with other 'regeneration' schemes on the Fylde coast - residential property development got the thumbs up from both planners and local authorities. The results are plain to see on and around Blundell Street.

Two Gentleman of Verona - pictured this morning amid the detrius which was once an important tramway link from Hopton Road, across Rigby Road (behind the camera) along Blundell Street and then on to Princess Street providing a historic tramway connection with the Promenade, No prizes for guessing the names of these two vagrants.


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